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Monday, November 5, 2012

This Week's Tip-off: December Time Savers

I'm sure you've seen all the holiday decorations out in the stores by now.  Isn't it crazy??  I have to admit, it gets my heart racing because I do love Christmas, but at the same time it makes me feel incredibly anxious (and not in a good way), like I need to start prepping NOW.

While I was, in fact, jotting down "tree lighting" and "visit Santa" dates in my calendar over the weekend, I came across this great post from Cleverly Inspired, where she offered her list of what to do THIS month to make the crazy month of December a bit less stressful.  I think it's a pretty good list.  For me, Thanksgiving weekend is when I try to make my neighbor gifts and get our advent calendar together.  The only other thing I would recommend is to sign up for holiday deals.  Whether it's by "Liking" your favorite retailer on Facebook or signing up with their rewards club via email. A lot of them are already offering great holiday deals.  Toys R' Us for instance, is already having daily deals.  And I just saved 30% off my entire purchase at The Children's Place this past weekend with an email coupon.

So, take the time to review the list here and try to enjoy the holidays this year.  Don't go crazy at the last minute!

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