Home Confetti: Arabian Nights Summer Send-off

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Arabian Nights Summer Send-off

When their client told Cincy Event Planning that she wanted a relaxed, but fun environment with lots of color–they knew just what to do! This Arabian Nights / Moroccan theme delivered with a color palette and entertaining comfort that was perfect for an end-of-summer party. Accents of purple, orange, pink and blue were scattered throughout the home.  Comfy pillows, lanterns and scarves created a seamless transition from the outdoors to inside the home.  The food was just as colorful as the decor.  The only thing we don't get to see is the belly dancer that gave everyone a fun lesson!  But, I promise you'll enjoy this fabulous decor captured by JC Photo.

Submitted via Two Bright Lights.


  1. These pictures are beautiful. I love the color combinations. It is definitely a relaxing space.


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