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Friday, November 11, 2011

Sunflower Thanksgiving + Free Printables

I know it might seem like I haven't been posting much for Thanksgiving on the blog, but hopefully you've been catching all the fun Thanksgiving projects I've been finding around the 'net on my FB page. But for the bloggie--I think this really lovely Sunflower Thanksgiving designed by The TomKat Studio for HGTV will make up for the lack of Thanksgiving posts. I love it for a lot of reasons: It steers away from the typical orange and browns, and sunflowers really cheer up a room–especially great if you live in a colder climate. There are lots of small DIY projects, a yummy recipe, and best of all HGTV and The TomKat Studio are generously offering the printables as a free download! And since sunflowers make such a lovely theme for a shower or birthday, I bet you can find a reason to use them more than once.

Visit the full gallery of this pretty sunflower setting here on HGTV. Visit The TomKat Studio for more party inspiration here.

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