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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Craft Test: Red Metal Leaf Vase

Have any of you worked with metal leaf sheets before? It's very fragile, and for me, a little hard to handle! But, let me start from the beginning... My parents are visiting from NY for Thanksgiving. Since I only see them twice each year, I try to make the day extra special with a few handmade touches. Last year I made this pinecone chandelier (which funny enough I've been seeing more of this year). So, this Thanksgiving, I plan to jump on the gold trend for my tablescape. I am thinking vase in the middle with small metallic gold painted pumpkins and gold sparkly leaves that I saw here. To start, I thought I would make a small red gold leafed vase using these sheets I found on sale at Michaels. (Not sure why it's coming through horizontally!)

Well, easier said than done! Basically, what you do is, cover the inside of the vase with an adhesive. Let it dry a little until it's tacky. Then, start applying the foil sheets. This was the hard part for me–applying the foil into the vase without it tearing too much. I purposely didn't cover every inch of glass, hoping it would give it that rough mercury glass-like look. And, I will admit I didn't fully follow the directions (i.e. I used Mod Podge instead of a specific "metal leaf adhesive.") I'm still deciding whether or not I like the results. I think once everything is on the table, it'll look okay. If any of you have used the sheets before, please let me know if you have any tips to share.

What are your plans for your Thanksgiving table this year?!

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