Home Confetti: Our St. Paddy's Day Playdate

Friday, March 18, 2011

Our St. Paddy's Day Playdate

Colorado schools are closed this week for spring break so we celebrated St. Paddy's Day yesterday with a themed playdate, "A Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow." I had about 10 kids and thankfully we had beautiful weather!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Love the Day for their generous St. Pat's printables. Nearly everything you see: Come In sign, cupcake wrappers, Happy St. Pat's Day shamrocks, flags, cupcake toppers, tent card, bottle flag and photo props were all part of a free printable collection Love the Day so generously issued, and that I shared on Home Confetti's Facebook page. The collection really made the table! The beautiful subway art was a free printable from A Little Lovely, which I also shared on my Facebook page. You can still download these and save for next year. Download Love the Day's St. Pat's collection here. Download A Little Lovely's St. Pat's subway art here.

  • The main activity I organized for the kids was a hunt for chocolate gold coins. I think they were thrilled when they realized they could eat the coins; they weren't just plastic. Each child got a small black cauldron pot to fill during their hunt and take home with them.
  • Remember the jewelry craft and the pot of gold game? I had those set up, too.
  • And, of course, we had some fun with Love the Day's photo props. Those are my two leprechauns up there!
Since this was basically a two-hour playdate with children 5 and under, I served easy snacks: popcorn, cupcakes, colored Twizzlers and vanilla pudding that I turned green with food coloring. I forgot the green grapes in the fridge. Figures I'd forget about the healthy item! The "Shamrock Juice" was Gatorade's Tropical Blend. It was the only green drink I could find that wasn't lime flavored!

All this, plus some dress-up outfits, a bouncy castle and water table made for a very fun day!


  1. Love the way you covered a bowl with fabric to make it look black! So crafty!

  2. Love that big rainbow hanging over the table!

  3. YAY!!! This makes me SO, SO happy. What an amazing job! I LOVE it! FAB!

  4. Adorable!! We don't have Spring Break until next week.


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