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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Award Worthy Snacks

I still look forward to watching the Golden Globes each year. It's definitely one of the most fun to watch--not just to see what everyone's wearing--but because most of the attendees are already sloshed by the time they get on stage! Who can forget Jack Nicholson's "butt cheek" acceptance speech (a la Jim Carey)?! And there always seems to be one winner stuck in the bathroom when they call her name! And yes, I watch the red carpet specials all the way to the end of the awards ceremony. Being on Mountain Time, that thankfully doesn't mean staying up until midnight. If you plan to watch this coming Sunday night, or better yet–getting some friends together to watch–here are a few great items to help you enjoy the star-studded event.

Since it is the Golden Globes, anything round is a must: truffles, doughnut holes, cake balls. Don't these shimmery sugar coated doughnut holes look yummy? Source here.

And since it is an awards show you need some sparkle. Dust edible gold sugar or glitter, as done on these marshmallow s'mores to add some sparkle to your get-together. Edible glitter and crystal sugar can be found at most craft stores. Photo source here.

Drinks or snacks reflecting the nominated movies are always fun. The folks at Dobel Tequila came up with this wicked concoction, inspired by the tequila-induced sex scene from Black Swan! Go here for the recipe.

Remember this popcorn bar from Garnish I featured a while ago? Perfect for a night celebrating the movies! Use different toppings like cinnamon to jazz up your popcorn. Original post here.

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  1. Great inspiration! Can't wait to try those glitter doughnut holes!!


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