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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shower Centerpiece as Easy as A-B-C

The other day a friend actually asked me about the centerpiece I made for my sister's baby shower and I thought I'd share it with all of you, too. We had an ABC Block themed baby shower for my sister last fall. Below is the centerpiece I made for the gift table that can easily be adapted to any theme. And yes--the shower was in NY, which meant I carried all the pieces in my suitcase! Security was probably wondering why I was carrying 20 plastic rattles and a parasol umbrella!

The centerpiece was modeled after the invitations, that I also created. The "blocks" of the centerpiece are floral green styrofoam blocks. I used brown scrapbook paper to cover the fronts and using rubber cement, simply glued on the paper and the styrofoam letters. I used brown acrylic paint to add the polka dots to the top block and stripes to the bottom block. Make sure to secure the top block to the bottom one. Remove the parasol's handle and stick the parasol into the top block. Once you've added ribbons to the plastic rattles (pacifiers would be cute, too!) tie them to every other spoke of the parasol. Now, you've got a cute centerpiece for the shower and decoration for the baby's room! In fact, I do believe this one is sitting in my little nephew's nursery!

You can use scrapbook paper on the blocks to fit any theme. Everything was purchased at Michaels--many trips were made using those 40% off coupons!

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