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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DIY Utensil Holder

There is so much you can do with paper. It's cheap to use and it allows you to enhance whatever color scheme or theme you're working with. Here is such an easy project that offers cute results and can be done for any BBQ, party or even to put at every table for a shower. All you need is a cardboard holder from an old 6-pack, scissors or exacto knife, cardboard, clear packing tape, glue stick and your choice of scrapbook paper. (I used some leftover paper from my girls' birthday party.)

First, you need to make sure nothing is going to fall through the bottom. Trace the bottom onto the piece of cardboard. Using clear packing tape, attach the cardboard to the bottom to stabilize the 6-pack. Then taking the scrapbook paper, continue to trace each side. Cut out your shapes and glue them on. I actually managed to only use 2 pieces of scrapbook paper. Make sure to remember to cut out the hole in the handle! I suggest cutting the hole after gluing on each side of the handle. (This is where the exacto knife comes in handy.)

And that's it! A functional, cute addition to jazz up your table and a great way to recycle!

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