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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Enchanted Woodland Fairy Party

I nearly held my breath when I came across this party! What a lucky girl to be swept away with her friends into a land of make believe with fairies, magic and pixie dust... But what really impressed me, was the fact that mom, Amanda Parker, made everything herself! I feel tired just looking at every little detail, imagining how much time and work went into each little one. Here are just a few photos of her talent. To view all the spectacular details, visit Amanda Parker's blog here

The stunning entrance and table with toadstool seats, fairy houses, and an amazing woodland centerpiece

The food table featuring "Magical Marshmallow Pops" and "Fairy Fruit Wands."

To just call these birthday "banner" and "cupcakes" is certainly an understatement!

The girls each got their own fairy costume and enjoyed activities like a "Pixie Dust Making Station," "Pin the Wand on the Fairy," and a "Flower Ring Toss."


  1. This is my dream come true party for my girls. Now I need little pixies to grant me my wish of moving into a house with huge garden.

  2. Beautifully done and with many inspiring ideas!


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