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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Celebrate Back-to-School

It's August 1st and that means the start of school is not too far away. For this area, it's as close as a couple of weeks away! I know quite a few parents who can't wait (heh) but some of the kids might be feeling a bit nervous--especially if they're going somewhere new. So, why not turn the first day of school into a celebration and get the kids pumped about going! Here are just a few special treats to turn those frowns upside down:

How cute are these? They are actually pretzel rods with both ends dipped in chocolate! Originally posted as a Valentine's Day treat, but when's a better time to tell your child you love him than when he needs a little TLC to help ease his nerves? You can get complete directions and FREE printables to use as the wrappers here.

Get your child excited about starting kindergarten in a new school by creating an address book for all the new "play date" numbers. Here's one featured on Kaboose.com. Click here for directions.

Before that first day of school, host a "sundae school" party for your child and his new classmates! That's what mom over at Poca Cosas did for her little boy (photo below). She actually hosted a full party with activities that included painting wooden letters and a science experiment. Plus, she served lunch in cafeteria-style trays and gave out art supplies as favors!

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