Friday, June 15, 2018


I can not believe how fast the days are going by! I just assumed with school out our days would be working on a slower pace, but that has not been the case. One big thing that happened was that my twin girls turned 12 last week. Officially tweens–and maybe the calm before the storm?! It's sad my girls no longer want the themed home parties. So, we let them each invite two friends for a day at Waterworld. Their friends slept over the night before and of course I needed to get some party decor into the night. The adorable party plates and table cover came from Walmart and I used Waterworld's sun logo as the cupcake toppers.
The top of the pineapple made a cute adornment for the cupcake display.
 The popcorn was covered with yellow candy melt, and was delicious!
By the way, swedish fish DO NOT float. Not sure how people are getting those shots on Pinterest. LOL

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