Thursday, May 3, 2018


Do you ever feel sad when a party you've hosted is over? I know I do. All that work, and it's done in a snap! Even if it's not a party as huge as a wedding, once it's over, you're faced with the regular day to day--all that exciting anticipation is gone--and welcome the post-party blues. So what should you do?

TAKE A MOMENT. I feel like I never get to eat or enjoy the work I've put into a party until it's over. Really. Once it's over, I'm not one of those people that starts trashing everything. I sit down (rest my feet and back!) and enjoy a piece of cake, or whatever might be left over, and I savor every piece!

DON'T DWELL ON WHAT WENT WRONG. There are always things that are out of your control--the weather, a spill, someone not playing fair... Don't dwell on that. Think about everything that went right and how much fun everyone had.

DECIDE ON HOW YOU'RE GOING TO PRESERVE THE MEMORY. I always make a photo book for each of my girls' birthday parties. They're almost 12 now and they still love looking through all of them. You might want to journal the day, including funny little details that may have happened or been said.

REWARD YOURSELF. Especially when it's a birthday party, all the work you're doing when throwing a party seems to be for someone else, or the guests. I'm always thinking about how to make things easier, more accommodating, more fun for the guests. Once it's all over, treat yourself to a new lipstick, or if budget allows a massage or facial!

GET PLANNING AGAIN! If nothing else works, start planning the next soiree!

Photo: Ryan McGuire/Pixabay

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