Monday, April 23, 2018


This past weekend I went to a bridal shower. Almost all showers I've been to include registry information with the invite and I usually pick my gift from that. However, this shower put a theme to the gift ideas–a date night theme. The invite asked each guest to bring an idea the couple could use as a date night. Cute, right? The example given on the invitation was a gift basket with dry ingredients for homemade pasta and a DVD of the movie, Italian Job.
I came across this adorable picnic basket and instantly thought it would be perfect! The basket came complete with plates, glasses and utensils. In addition to the basket, we have a great little cheese shop here, called The Welsh Rabbit, so I added that in–something they can use to fill their basket.

Other ideas that were gifted included a crate filled with board games for a game night; a basket with canvases and paints; a basket filled with robes with a certificate for a couples massage and a cooler for a pool date that included sunblock, towels and koozies. People got really creative! I just thought this was such a cute idea that I wanted to pop in here to share.

What other shower gift theme ideas have you seen that you thought were pretty unique?

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