Thursday, November 17, 2016


I wasn't planning on sharing this project on the blog, but I received so many questions and engagement when I posted it on my personal Facebook page, I thought I better!

A few weeks ago I hosted a craft night with some new gal pals. I needed to do something fairly easy but have it also be something we could actually use. I had pinned this project from Crystal and Co. quite a while ago. You can find the full directions here. She makes the project super easy because she provides the printables for free! There were no stencils to use or vinyl to cut. The most work was actually done by my husband who helped me cut the wood into blocks and I sanded down the edges.

The one thing I will warn you about is make sure not to use too much Mod Podge underneath the printables, otherwise you'll get bad bubbles. You just need a thin coat underneath and on top to adhere them onto the blocks.

I have my blocks on the mantle and love it! Another one of the ladies has them on a side table in her entryway and it looks great. Such a nice greeting for guests!

There is still time to give it a try. Happy Thanksgiving!

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