Tuesday, June 14, 2016


If you missed the first post on the decor for our Harry Potter party, check that out here.
The activities for the party were the most challenging part of the planning for me. I wanted them to be easy but still intriguing for a group of 10 year olds.  I'm happy to report that the kids seemed to really enjoy them.

First off, I need to mention that each guest received a "Book of Spells."
The spell book had different info they needed for each class, like potion ingredients and magic words. I also added the Butter Beer recipe and Quidditch game rules we used.

Divination was the first class we did. It was made up of three activities: Tea Leaf Reading, Crystal Ball Reading and "Pop" Divination.
Each of the girls chose a tea cup that had a small pile of loose tea leaves at the bottom. (I purchased random tea cups from Goodwill and thrift stores.)
When the girls dumped out the tea leaves a shape remained at the bottom. (I hot glued tea leaves to heavy paper shapes. A glue dot kept them adhered to the bottom of the cup.) The girls had to refer to their spell book to find out what the shape meant, thus discovering their fortune. For instance, the light bulb meant "a reason or mystery will soon reveal itself."
CRYSTAL BALL READING: I used a Magic 8 Ball as the mysterious crystal ball.  (I covered the '8' on the ball.) We passed around the ball so each girl could ask their pining questions.  Some of the questions were really funny. 
POP DIVINATION: This kind of "pop culture" method of fortune telling is done with random items like fortune cookies. The fun comes from the randomness of it all. So for our last activity in Divination Class the girls had to obtain their fortune by popping a balloon. I thought this would be really fun for them, but some girls were actually afraid of popping the balloon! Here we had some fun with the fortunes, like "You will soon eat cake."
If you plan a Harry Potter and have some help, you can consider Tarot Card Reading or Palmistry, too.

Next up: Professor Snape's Potions Class. Stay tuned!

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