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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Halloween Classroom Party Ideas

October 1st is here. (Yikes!) Time to start planning my daughter's 2nd grade Halloween party.  We're actually slightly ahead of the game since we already know what activities we're going to do.  Thought I'd share them here in case any of you are planning your child's class party.  It can be difficult coming up with ideas that go beyond pumpkin decorating and pumpkin bowling!
Our class party is divided into 4 stations: 2 craft stations, game station and snack station.

Craft Station #1: Spider Web Craft
I think this is going to be a fun one! But, we're going to do it with black plates and orange yarn.

Craft Station #2: Hanging Ghost Decoration
Another hanging decoration but at least the kids will come out of the party with items that are useful.  They can hang them on the front porch or main entrance for Halloween.

Game Station:
We are definitely doing the "Pin the Bow Tie on Mr. Bones" but we're going to need one other game while the kids wait their turn.  It's good to have the second game so they don't start wandering around the classroom! So, depending on how much space we have, we'll do either the witch hat toss or witch pitch shown above.

Snack Station:
Our school puts a great emphasis on eating healthy, so we're going to go with the decorated cups of mandarin oranges.  Those drinks you see up there is something I did last year with small sizes of Sunny Delight.  I found them at Sam's Club. I might do this again. And so the kids don't get bored when they're done eating their snacks, I'll have some fun Halloween riddles they can read to one another.

We can't hang anything from the ceiling, so these are ideas that might work for us. Instead of ghost balloons, you can make them look like pumpkins.  And for the branched centerpiece, instead of bat lollipops, you can make ghost lollipops for some contrast.
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What are you planning for your classroom Halloween party??

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