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Monday, August 5, 2013

Our Snow Cone Stand

Hard to believe, but school starts in just over 2 weeks for us! So, we're going down our summer bucket list to see what we haven't done yet and can still squeeze in. Since the girls got a snow cone machine for their birthday, they have been begging me to do a snow cone stand - which is a fun alternative to the lemonade stand.  They were so into it!  They made the SNOW CONES banner - which I think is way cuter than any set of printables! :)  And we also made a snow cone garland by simply painting some styrofoam balls and hot gluing them into actual snow cone cups.  To give the syrups a consistent look, I just made up a few labels on the computer using chevron backgrounds.  We didn't go crazy with any other extras, like cookies.  It was a fun activity for the girls, and it's cute to see them act all "business like" when a customer approaches!

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