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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our Lalaloopsy Party: The Activities

The decor is the fun part for me, but now here is the fun part for the kids! In case you missed it, here is the decor from our Lalaloopsy party.  Today, I'm sharing the fun activities.  The party was 3 hours and we had plenty of time to get through everything with 13 girls. Let the fun begin!

If you're not familiar with Lalaloopsy dolls, each doll comes with her own pet.  Each girl sewed her own polar bear Lalaloopsy pet (which is the pet that comes with the doll, Mittens.)  I pre-cut templates for the body, pre-sewed the black button eyes and cut out the noses and ears.  I also hole punched (with a Fiskars 1/8" circle hand punch) the body.  Using an embroidery needle, they made their own little pet. We stuffed them with batting. You'll see Siena sewing her's, and Renee below with her finished pet! :) It was a great take-home for the kids!
Spot Splatter Splash is the artsy Lalaloopsy so we named the station after her. Here, each girl made her own button masterpiece on a small 6 x 6" canvas.  I found these great adhesive buttons from Oriental Trading which made sticking them on super easy. And they actually stayed on!
This was the hit of the party! The kids kept wanting to go through it.  Once they worked their way through the maze and back, they got to "punch for a prize."  This punch board is something I featured on the blog and was always hoping I'd have the opportunity to do.  You can find the post here.
Patch Treasurechest might be the only boy Lalaloopsy.  He's a pirate and had the right name for a scavenger hunt. I made clues that took the kids into the kitchen, out front, in the garage and in the backyard....
Here's a re-enactment of Renee finding and reading a clue! :0
The clues eventually directed the girls to our deck storage box filled with goody bags!
And here is what was inside.  Again--keeping with the theme!
We also played button Twister.  I shared the DIY for that here.
The girls created their own balloon volley with all the balloons floating around the house! Love spontaneity!
And free time on the trampoline! (I always like free time)
A fun time had by all, and my girls were so appreciative... which makes it all worth it! :)
Orange scavenger hunt bags: The Dollar Tree (3 for $1)
Adhesive buttons: Oriental Trading
6x 6" canvases: Hobby Lobby and Michaels
Yarn and batting: Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts

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  1. This is unbelievable and so creative!! Fantastic job!


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