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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Today's Takeaway: Embroidered Hoop Mobile

This is an adorable mobile featured from a nursery on On to Baby. But when I saw it, it totally got my party juices flowing... how great would this look over a food table for a jungle safari themed party??  Or even a character themed party--having the dolls "swinging" in the hoops?  Using multiple hoops helps you cover the entire length of the table. So many possibilities.  Of course, you could turn the hoops into wreaths for the holidays or garden party.  So many possibilities! How would you use them?!  

Find more pictures of this lovely nursery here.

Photo by Julie Mikos Photographer

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  1. You're so right...lots of party decorating possibilities with these hoops! One that comes to mind is like a stained glass effect using mosaics of colored cellophane (is that what they call "dream catchers"?).


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