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Monday, April 16, 2012

Merry Monday: Movie Star Party

A couple of weeks ago, Renee and Siena went to a "movie star" themed party for their friend Claire. Yes--that's Claire in the above photo! She LOVES to get dressed up, and she is a natural model! Her mother trained her well–as she is a professional photographer. Mom is a good friend, Stephanie Stamos, and you can check out her stunning work here. Stephanie did a great job with the party–and really made the girls feel like movie stars!

When the girls arrived, they each got to "shop" at a table, picking out a ring, boa, earrings and other cute accessories. They each got their hair and make-up done to get ready for their shoots. Here is Siena ready for her close-up!

Little did they know, they'd be filming a "commercial." The girls were divided into four groups. Each group was given a short script and they filmed the commercial in Stephanie's home studio.

Once they finished with their acting roles, Claire presented each girl with her own award. And I have to say that Claire did an amazing job improvising each introduction!

No awards event is complete without some fancy dining! Stephanie set up a "Hollywood Cafe" in the backyard. Don't you love the feather accented glasses?? That's jello in the glasses. The girls certainly felt like celebs eating from those!

And here is one of my favorite photos: Renee and Claire chatting over their champagne jellos. Future ladies that lunch! Too funny!

And look at the cake that Stephanie made herself! A red velvet tiered cake with a fondant red carpet coming down each layer. Proves what you can do when you set your mind to it!

And finally, drumroll please... at the end of the party, the girls got to see their recorded commercials. They really got a kick out of seeing themselves on tv.

I think the main thing with any birthday party is making the birthday girl (or boy) feel special, and her guests... and I think this party did just that! Fun and different, I hope you find some inspiration to make your little star's day extra special!


  1. Great write up thanks RoseMarie! I think the hardest part was burning the DVD so the girls could watch themselves. It took so much longer than I thought it would. Thanks for including us on your blog!!!


  2. Oh, the little "movie stars" must have just loved this party!


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