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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Valentine's Day Classroom Party Ideas

I'm in the planning stages of my girls' classroom parties. Here are a bunch of ideas I've collected that I wanted to share. I wish we had time to do all of these cute projects!

If your class is making their Valentine Day card carriers during the party, here are two cute ideas. We're doing the one on the right, but with red paper bags so they can sit upright.
Left card carrier is from thisnext ; Right one is from The Lazy Stay-at-Home Mommy

We're doing a "Love Bug" theme in Renee's class. The kids are going to love wearing these antannae from Kaboose. We're going to twirl the pipe cleaners around our finger to make them a little more fun. Renee picked out the pom love bugs to do from The Idea Box. :)

Siena picked out this necklace from The Crafty Crow to do in her class. Using the same elements, we're going to have the boys make ties instead of necklaces. The next craft from Reading Confetti is a great way to let the kids use their imaginations to see what animals they can create using heart shapes.

For games, we are going to do a version of Musical Chairs--standing on hearts instead of using chairs. And a version of Hot Potato using a heart pillow. But how cute is this "Cupid's Arrow" game in which you have to blow a Qtip into a bowl through a straw?! Genius idea from It Matters.

Stay tuned for snack and beverage ideas, when I'll also share some free printables!

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