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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Fun Tree List

Get ready for Fall fun!

A couple of days ago I took down our "Summer Fun List." I loved doing it because it really gave my daughters a good perspective of how much we actually did over the summer. (i.e. They couldn't whine "we didn't do anything"!) But, when I took it down, they asked, "So, are we going to do it again?" Honestly, I didn't even think about doing one for Fall, and I don't know why! Fall is my favorite time of year, and it's packed with things to do: harvest festivals, pumpkin decorating, nature crafts, Halloween, etc!

There were so many ideas floating around blogland for Summer Fun Lists--but I didn't see one for Fall. So, I put this Fun Fall Tree List together. Instead of an actual list, I thought it would be fun to add "leaves" to a bare tree and watch it get full. The girls love the idea, and can't wait to get started!

If you want to hang your own "Fall Fun Tree" you can download the tree image here. For the leaves, I used a template from Rebecca's Fall Leaf Layout at About.com . I put together some leaves for you if you want to print them out on colored paper like I did. You can download the pretyped leaves here. You may also want to refer to the leaves for activity ideas.

This is the first Autumn weekend, so start filling up your tree! :)

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  1. this is a great idea! happy fall!!!


  2. I love this, and had not seen one for Fall yet. I would love for you to share at Bacon time. The linky is up now if you want to come strut your stuff.


  3. Such a great idea, and I love your activities!


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