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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Today's Takeaway: Etch a Sketch

Adding a monogram to a party favor really elevates the gesture of the gift. Personalization shows that a gift is meant for a specific guest and some extra care went into making it for that specific person. When I was looking at the beautiful photos that pen n' paperflowers showcased from their "lemonade & sunshine party" I was pretty dazzled by it all! Then came the photo of the gift basket that each guest got to take home--how happy would you be with this lovely package?!

I was immediately drawn to the monogrammed vintage-styled milk bottle. How did she do that?! Well, she was actually gracious enough to share a tutorial on how to etch the bottles. She even brings you through the trials she went through to get to the best result. And guess what bottles she used? Those are Starbucks Frappucino bottles you can find anywhere. Love it! Once you learn the art of glass etching (and you'll see how easy it is from her tutorial) you can etch candles or put a nice package like this together as a gift for the holidays. Or keep this idea in your back pocket for a special occasion.
To go directly to the tutorial, click here. To see the full party from pen n' paperflowers, click here.

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