Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Want to add a big statement to your decor?  The House That Lars Built shares a tutorial on how to make this amazing balloon arch.  I have been thinking about having a Halloween party and this would be great to have in the entrance in black and gold.  Love! Find the full tutorial here.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Revealing a baby's gender either through a small party or with a photo in the mail has become pretty popular. There is such an excitement to finding out a baby's gender... makes the idea of having a newborn that much more real! This photo shoot submitted by Virginia's Crystal Reyns Photography provides darling inspiration for both.  I love the vintage props and the way the reveal is made through the drinks and cupcakes.  We actually waited to find out what our twins were going to be.  Did you find out or wait??

Thursday, July 24, 2014


I was afraid my girls weren't going to be too busy this summer, but the days are flying! And this weekend we are taking a long weekend to go to Mount Rushmore--a far cry from the area that inspired this amazing "Taxi Cab State of Mind" birthday shoot! Being a NY native, I especially love this!  My husband has a milestone birthday coming up in November and I would love to do something like this. Petite Seats, a child sized chair rental company in Patterson, New Jersey collaborated with various talents to design this shoot. The color palette is perfect and so indicative of the city. The talents of Digna Toleda Photography beautifully captured and shared all the details for us to enjoy. Please make sure to refer to the list at the bottom for other participating vendors.
Additional Participating Vendors:
Cake Designer: The Traveling Cupcake
Event Planners: Favors & More
Location: Art Factory
Other: Clone Ink

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Want the guest of honor to stand out but don't want to use the traditional cone hat or tiara?  How about this fun idea from Adventures in Fashion?  Best thing about it is that you can use the letters to come up with any message or nickname you'd like!  Find the full tutorial here.

Monday, July 21, 2014


Saturday was Renee's last day of softball–and it was a looong day, with 3 games in 90+ degree heat!  But, I have to say the coaches made it fun for them, with a water balloon fight and pizza party in between the games.  They were great coaches and we wanted to make sure we showed our appreciation for the time and effort they made throughout the season. We went to Party City and found a bunch of softball/baseball themed candy and bucket to put something cute together. I put the candy in a craft ornament I happen to have. We also included a baseball ornament we found at Hobby Lobby.  (Yes, can you believe the Christmas ornaments are already out at Hobby Lobby?!?!)
A cute ball tag was the finishing touch: "It was a BALL having you as a coach!  Thanks for everything!"
They loved the baskets! If any of your kids play softball or baseball, feel free to use the tag I made.

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