Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I'm in the midst of planning my girls' camping themed sleepover party that will happen in a couple of weeks. One of the crafts we're doing is a dreamcatcher. I was originally going to do the craft using hole punched paper plates but my girls seemed to think it would be too cumbersome to thread the holes, etc. So, when I was walking through JoAnn's I spotted these cute crocheted doilies and the light bulb went off! It makes the craft so much easier and prettier!

Here's all you need:
- embroidery hoop
- crocheted doily
- yarn
- feathers
- glue

Start by unscrewing the hoop and lay in your doily. When you replace the outer hoop, realize that you will not be able to screw it back together because of the doily's thickness. So, all we did was tie it together to keep it closed. This also becomes a handy loop to hang the dreamcatcher.
Tie three pieces of yarn into three holes at the bottom. Multiple strands of ribbon would be really pretty to use as well.

Finally, glue on the feathers. I'm a big fan of glue dots so that's what we used here.
Voila! A pretty dreamcatcher that will look great in any girl's room and a fun party craft!

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